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The Nebelung

In June 2012 the GCCF gave preliminary recognition to the Nebelung (breed code NEB). The goal of the Nebelung breeding program is to produce a blue cat with the same type as those imported from Russia in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries and to combine this type with a thick shimmering coat of medium length. The Russian Blue is the approved outcross.

When the Nebelung was granted preliminary recognition the Russian Breed Advisory Committee agreed to look after the interests of the breed as it developed. Under the terms of RACCS' membership of the GCCF we cater for all breeds coming under the auspices of both the Abyssinian and Russian Breed Advisory Committees - and so we came to cater for the Nebelung as well as our original breeds!

Although Nebelungs are still very rare in the UK they have had a fair amount of success at shows, and breeders are working towards championship status.

You can read the approved standard of points (as updated in February 2016) for the breed here:

Nebelung Standard of Points

If you are interested in breeding Nebelungs you should also read the official registration policy, agreed with the GCCF:

Nebelung registration policy


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