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RACCS Points

The RACCS annual points competition allocate points to Abyssinian, Russian and Nebelung cats owned by our club members for their wins at GCCF shows, as published on the GCCF website. We wish to encourage our members to show their cats and raise awareness for our breeds by getting the cats seen by members of the public, so the club makes special awards to our top winners each year.

In addition, we also run a competition for club members' household pet cats.  If your pet places at a GCCF show please email us with your name, your cat's name and award/s won to .


Sadly, there were just 11 GCCF shows held in 2020, with no shows held after mid-March, but even in that limited time we saw some great wins, the most notable being our RACCS Cat of the Year 2020 - for the third consecutive year this was the one and only Javier, Supreme UK Olympian Gold Imperial Grand Champion Linczozo Javier Fernandez, owned and bred by Morna Lincoln - congratulations!

Javier went Gold in style, winning both Olympians, both Best Section 4 Adult awards, and Best in Show Sextion 4 exhibit at the Gwynedd and Shropshire shows, making him the highest-titled Abyssinian of all-time! This adorable boy is now enjoying his well-earned retirement, and we hope that when shows return we will see him back out as a neuter.

A full list of all our category winners can be seen here: RACCS Points Winners 2020  

There are categories for adults, kittens, neuters and adolescents and for all the Club breeds and colours, with a special listing on our website for the highest scoring cats, and the highest scoring breeders. The winners of the overall 'Top' prizes are awarded special rosettes and certificates: shown below are the prizes for 'RACCS Cat of the Year'.

Information about the RACCS points system, and the RACCS Points Archive, can be found by using the links on the menu bar.



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