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This page has information and links to a few selected websites we think you may find useful. For links to Russian, Abyssinian and Nebelung cat breeders, please visit our Breeders page.

We have a RACCS facebook page where breaking news is posted, plus photos and updates from shows.

The GCCF is the primary governing body of the Cat Fancy in the United Kingdom, and the oldest cat registration body in the world - the feline equivalent of the Kennel Club.

361 Photography - photographers based in Cambridge, Andy has taken some lovely photographs at our shows - thanks again Andy!

The Abyssinian Cat Association

The Abyssinian Cat Club

Cat-astrophes - Kim Houston is an expert in feline behaviour and is one of the UK's leading Cat Behaviourists

Club Francais du Bleu Russe based in France and affiliated to LOOF, this club caters for Russian Blues and associated colours, plus the Nebelung.

Crystal Clear Pet Products stock everything you could need for your cat, from toys, through food to cat carriers. We are very grateful to Crystal Clear for supporting our show.

Richardson Designs
- rosette manufacturers based in Co Durham, Richardson make all our rosettes, and very lovely they are too!

Russian Blue Breeders Association

The Short-Haired Cat Society caters for a range of Shorthair breeds, including Russians.

    RACCS breeds cuddled up together - Russian Blue and Sorrel AbyssinianAbychat Pinballwizard, Fawn AbyssinianRussian Blue kittenPontaby Remus, Sorrel Abyssinian

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